Del Rovo textile company, founded in 1969, belongs to the category of a fruitful example of achievement and development of a corporate culture that, boasting an up-to-date know-how, is reinventing itself, so the traditional quality textile label becomes an international brand bringing the Italian Lifestyle on the middle east market, redesigning the product range and combining craft tradition and contemporary industrial design with an innovative view to fashion. The company, was born from a personal and family history, Lorenza is the founder, and Giovanna, her daughter is the brilliant heir of mother’s creative fantasy. Both of them are the brand’s decorator designers, guided by their passion star and their artistic sensibility, they never gave up the pleasure of inventing and surprising, recreating atmospheres, feelings, emotions and memories in the implementation of textiles accessories and modern furnishings. They achieved discreet elegance and incomparable quality standards through skill and consolidated experience, always seeking perfection in every choice of raw materials, interpreting and anticipating the most advanced designs and performance requirements. Del Rovo designers, have always believed, since inception, in a project that enhances the excellence and uniqueness which takes shape in their talented hands, providing the first opportunity for clients to personalize their objects to better fulfill every wish, so products will be exclusive as dedicated to a very special client who appreciates best quality, loves to valorize and feels unique.