Giovanna Del Rovo is part of the luxury brand portfolio of Elite Qatar LLC, company based in Doha. The winning concept of Elite Qatar is quite simple and effective: a luxury multi-brand network founded by Sheikh Nasser Al- Thani, member of Qatar Royal Family and Chairman, opens the most important and wide door to the GCC luxury market through Qatar. The attention to the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of brands heritage has become more and more a powerful driver to promoting and spreading the culture of excellence in Qatar and in the Middle East Region. The business model of Elite Qatar is greatly successfully thanks to the capability of a deep penetration into the market and to the integration with a multimedia communication company, Excellence World, a luxury hub based on an international magazine for excellent business & lifestyle, a unique luxury online showroom for products and services, and very exclusive events. Elite Qatar and Excellence World decided to invest on the very best of the Italian lifestyle, which is expression of taste, creativity, style, culture, talent, craftsmanship, key successful factors and source of competitive advantage on the global market. The obsession for details, the passion for the products and the heritage of artisans are elements of distinctiveness and the cooperation with this kind of Customers/Partners is a strong driver in order to transform the change in development and the innovation in value and success. All the features are present in Giovanna Del Rovo, a textile furniture Italian brand, expression of a special style. The company, involved with this new challenge, can take full advantages from the exploitation of Middle East market, thanks to the privileged support of Elite Qatar and starting just from Doha, where the first Department Store of the Italian Excellence will open next year.