Del Rovo furnishings respect "sleeping culture" for bedrooms with the promise of quality, and first of all, the guarantee that all creations are exclusively manufactured for committments and hand-made with the finest and precious materials. The mastery of the craft unfolds in the creation of wonderful drawings on textiles into a game of shapes and shades of soft colours, which bring the designers to invent a new brand identity for interior textile furnishings dedicated to hotels. Del Rovo brand believes on the charm of the drawings and decorations of contemporary design declined on damask silk embellished with precious handmade on satin, damask and muslin of cotton and linen, on cashmere and hemp yarn-dyed gingham, jacquard fabrics with fine details. Del Rovo creations, according to the "created in Italy", give unexpected aesthetic results with the visual emphasis on embroidered images, original and precious and new of the collections. The company uses only natural fibers of certified biological cultivation and proposes sets of damask linen and cotton, hemp, satin and percale cotton not forgetting the complete crepe de chine and organza, romantic and best refined. In the case of the elegant quilts, duvet covers and bed covers with different bulks of cashmere and merino wool, Del Rovo exalts the light textiles elements. The common denominator of all products of the brand Del Rovo appears to be the long-lasting of the products as well as an ever increasing awareness of the company regarding sustainability and respect for the environment.



Ecofriendly Style collection dedicated to the bathroom, represents a real mission for the brand, with a special attention to quality and production processes following the precept of producing unique products that allow to satisfy all requests and customise as much as possible the lines produced. The lines range from linearity of minimalist drawing of towel sets, light, smooth and delicate, to refined bathrobes realized with best quality manufacturing and made precious by original aesthetic elements such as stitching piqué, with embroidered initials, logo decor yarn-dyed and coats handmade; all garments are elegant and comfortable fit, as characterized by a strong involvement of senses, thanks to textiles properties, pleasant to touch and sight. Designers, true green addicted, believe that the philosophy EcoFashion is sustainable in the masterful use of colour and natural fabrics, so all products fit perfectly a path to celebrate the relationship between man, built environment and well-being.



The brand, a great tradition, shapes " art de la table " history with an innovative approach combining textile high quality with precious creations, this choice reflects company's philosophy: minimal aesthetics leaving freedom to a new sophistication from a classic taste. The proposals designed for Table & Banqueting encompass a wide range of sophisticated table linens to furnish homes, hotels, restaurants, outdoors, terraces, swimming pool edges making them more and more elegant and refined top places. There are many proposals to make the living area glamorous both for private residences and for hotels, thanks to a refined palette of colours interpreting different styles. Art Banqueting collections propose a series of elegant and classic quotes, designers think you need a special gift to seek harmony, and choose the right colours, realizing that for the living-banqueting, the space is a balance of textiles elements from the great lightness and refinement. The designers’ tendency follows in the colour-choice the motto "dare to taste." The linen table, declined on fabrics with sophisticated embroidery, lace theme gives a harmony of floral and vegetal tones that enhances the environment, so yes, classic and white chic and all shades of no-colours such as honey, white, butter, sand and beige with some hint of chromatic element from the vibrant hues like ocher, mocha and blue, bold colours such as pieces of nature where energy is served, as well as the original choice of the brick red as dominant, of great effect, as it brings a warm note in the dining room. The Basic Banqueting collection is informal, but always elegant and is perfect in many outdoor contexts and in residential spaces, while the Fashion Banqueting collection is designed to create textiles compositions of a great effect with refined lace, refinement and Swarovski applications.