The company's mission with a strong intent is aimed at enhancing its skills and competences heritage with the purpose of building a new economic offer and "values" consumptions that reflect and capitalize in the name’s brand its own identity and heritage, featuring on excellence and creating value with a range of strong and distinctive references, such as the originality and the constant innovation product and the increasing integration and supply differentiation in the manufacturing and marketing of textile collections and articles for the décor, unique in design and quality of raw materials. Today we look at globalization as a driver to enhance own distinctive competences in a widened scenario, this is why Giovanna Del Rovo’s quality concept that we want to bring on the Middle Eastern market conquests competitive environments of top profile in the new luxury paradigm whereas the purchases of high-end range glimpse the satisfaction demand of a need for exclusivity, security and quality assurance that have been widely recognized to the textile brand by Sheikh Nasser Al-Thani, member of Qatar royal family and Chairman of Qatar Elite LLC, thereby enjoying a heightened visibility and joining the excellence’s empyrean of the markets in the over reference systems, capable of communicating with international stakeholders thanks to the integration with a multimedia communication company, Excellence World, a luxury hub based on an international magazine for excellent business & lifestyle, a unique luxury online showroom for products and services, and very exclusive events.