The visual identity of Giovanna Del Rovo brand takes the form of niche’s artifacts, which of course refer to a differentiated and specialized market compared to its competitors, which are clearly and immediately recognizable and equivalent to other similar, albeit with evidence relating to the shape, color, nature, consistency, but they express values ​​and peculiar symbolic contents, "country specific" skills, ie core-based values, because they represent the tradition and art belonging to Del Rovo designers decorator who are faithful to their own personal micro-history. Giovanna Del Rovo brand boasting special skills or introverted abilities, experience and unique capabilities, firstly and foremost creativity related to product innovation, making sure that they have a high value use as they provide a functional benefit, symbolic and experiential, and why, on a hypothetical scale of the benefits, they distinguish for their ability to offer superior performance and boast a special technical-craftsmanship level. The constant attention to production processes follows the precept of creating unique products that makes up the segment "best in class" and meet the different requirements of customizing the production of lines and because they are able to allure him emotionally and materialize the customer’s total satisfaction.